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360 Helpdesk provides the tools to manage, prioritise and respond to incidents and requests from customers, business and external organisations.


360 Forms converts paper forms into efficient web forms that can be initiated, authorised, processed, tracked and completed using a web browser.


360 Payslips is a self-service web portal that provides 24/7 access to payslips, P60s, P11Ds, P45s for staff on your payroll.

Agency Gateway

360 Agency Gateway is a web based vendor management system used by hirers and recruiters to manage contingency, freelance and agency worker contracts.

Performance Management Framework

360 PMF is a suite of software applications used to improve performance across organisations in the areas of Planning, Indicators, Risks, Appraisals and Projects.


360 Plans are the Strategic and Action Plans for the Organisation defining Goals, Objectives, Actions, Activities, Deliverables and Timeframes.


360 Indicators allows users to set Key Performance Indicator targets, monitor progress and achieve success against planned goals, objectives and outcomes.


360 Risks form the Risk Register for the Organisation and describes it approach to risk and direction of travel for managers to adopt in their dealings with risk.