360 Systems experts in Application Development on Microsoft Azure

Since 1999 we have built web applications that transform the way our customers do business. 360 Systems applications are available on a SaaS basis alongside Technical Support and Development services.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Software design and development services creating web and mobile applications that are tailored to your need & budget.


Office 365, SharePoint, Umbraco, ASP.NET and IBM Notes Domino support from 360 Systems' application development and web technology experts.

Business Applications

Web applications for Recruitment, HR, Performance, Sales and Operations hosted on secure UK web servers.


How to get into Software Engineering

What makes a candidate stand out for a junior programming vacancy?

Implementing job title classification system for recruitment

The objective was to turbocharge the job search process by providing a great set of relevant jobs for candidates and save the recruiter hours matching the right candidate to their next job.

ISO 27001 Email & Document Classification Solution

Software solution that facilitates the classification, labelling, and metadata addition to documents and emails at the point of creation, helping organisations meet various regulatory requirements.

Defend, Detect, and Delete: What is file upload protection?

Do you rely on your external users having adequate virus protections in place? Why scanning files for viruses and malware before they're uploaded to your website or application matters?