Content managed websites and portals integrated with core business activity enable you to grow your site and business

Website as extension of business

360 Systems developers create functional, content managed Websites on Umbraco. We take a website design concept and add applications or bespoke development that extends the reach of core business activities to customers and suppliers.

Interact with customers and partners

At heart we are a technology company that helps organisations improve the way they do business over the web. Where the business is involved in recruitment, franchise, property, sales, commerce or customer support our websites consistently deliver innovation and real business benefits that your customers and partners appreciate.

Mobile friendly website

Responsive bootstrap website

At 360 Systems we are fans of bootstrap for building web applications and websites that work on any device - mobile, tablet or PC. 

Off-the-peg template

There are number of websites showcasing website design templates which can be useful for getting ideas of what you like and don't like for your own website and where budget and time are a real issue. Try wrapbootstrap or templatemonster to see what can be done.

Bespoke design

Specifically created for your brand from storyboard through to page layout. If you already have a branding agency or have in house designers, we are happy to work with them to make your website highly functional as well as looking great.

Turn insights into action

Google Analytics helps identify performance improvements for sites, apps, and offline marketing by turning customer insights into action. Umbraco CMS enables your marketing team to add content quickly.

Integrate website and back office

Web applications

Applications that can be integrated into your website include:

Portals for customers, staff and partners

You can extend existing systems out to web portals for your business where users logon to access core activities such as accounts, maintenance, property, jobsheets, catalogues, payslips, timesheets, helpdesk, vacancies.

Feeds are taken to the website which can exchange information and processes with your internal systems.