Does your website or web application allow files to be uploaded? What if they contain virus or malware? 360 Scanned Storage protects your business with threat detection and management.

Safeguard your application data with 360 Scanned Storage and experience the peace of mind that comes with robust, real-time scanning against viruses and malware contained within files uploaded to your website or web applications.

Preventing the upload of viruses and malware to your website or web application

Without the appropriate safeguards, viruses and malware pose significant threats to the security, integrity, and reputation of your online platform.


  • Do your web systems allow files to be uploaded?
  • Will your web systems detect threats and prevent malicious files from being received? 
  • What could be the impact of malicious files being received?

Here are some everyday use cases:

  • Local Government Website - Residents upload files to the websites contact or request form
  • Law Firm Web Portal - Clients upload documents relating to their case via the web portal
  • Recruitment Website - Candidates upload their CV and cover letter via a website
  • Vendor Management - Web application contains candidate CV which are downloaded by clients

With each of the above scenarios and without the proper protections in place, there is a real risk that files containing viruses and malware can be uploaded, received and then passed on via your web systems, infecting your servers, users, clients and partners.

Protect your web application file data throughout its lifecycle, from upload to download, and focus on driving your business forward without fear of receiving and sharing infected files with 360 Scanned Storage.

360 Scanned Storage adds robust safeguards and checks to protect your web applications file uploads from being compromised, prevent the spread of infections, maintain uninterrupted services, and safeguard your brand reputation. It helps preserve the reliability and availability of your services, prevents costly data breaches or legal consequences, and ensures a positive user experience. By prioritising security measures, you can establish a strong foundation for your website or web application, enabling it to thrive in the digital ecosystem with confidence and resilience.

360 Scanned Storage Key Features

  • Virus and malware scanning of files uploaded to your website or application
  • Scan files before they are uploaded and reject those that are infected
  • Re-scan files when they are downloaded to ensure up to date definitions
  • API-based integration with your software so users don't notice anything different
  • Highly scalable, allowing it to adapt to your storage requirements effortlessly
  • Automatic updates with the latest security definitions from Clam AV
  • Azure Blob Storage and Amazon S3 - AWS - Simple Cloud Storage compliant

Typical implementation of 360 Scanned Storage

The below flow diagram shows a typical implementation of 360 Scanned Storage, but we work with our clients to ensure their requirements are met.

For more details on how your organisation can utilise 360 Scanned Storage to help preserve the reliability and availability of your services then please get in contact.