360 Plans are the Strategic and Action Plans for the Organisation defining Goals, Objectives, Actions, Activities, Deliverables and Timeframes.

Strategic Planning

Publish strategic and operational action plans in an easily accessible location, where performance can be tracked, improvements assessed and excellence attained

360 Plans provide a repository for joined-up strategies and objectives to work together. Publishing plans provides an opportunity to check the alignment of Strategic and Operational planning activities. The Hierarchical Model of Corporate, Directorate and Service Plans allows goals and objectives to be tiered so that at the higher the plan answer the question “Why?” while more detailed plans answer the question “What?" and "How?”.

Key features

  • Plans configurable to your terminology
  • Flexible to approaches such as Balanced Scorecard, 
  • Extend the strategic vision, goals and objectives out to the organisation
  • Strategic Corporate plan, Directorate plan, Service plan
  • Operational Action plans, Activities, Cross-cutting plans and Project plans
  • Track Action plans and Activities
  • Gantt chart timeline is automatically updated using progress reports
  • Audit creation, update and completion of plans
  • Roll forward plans and their actions to subsequent years
  • Integrates with 360 PMF as a Performance Management Framework application

The Chief Executive department, Head of Directorates and Services use 360 Plans to set out their vision and objectives for the organisation

The organisation typically assesses its Corporate Plan every 3 years or so based on where it is now and what are the current imperatives. The strategic planners answer searching questions about the organisation in such a way as they can be used when planning future Activities and outcomes. Plans are constrained by resources and guidance given to maximise the return on efforts expended.

This work is incorporated into planning across the organisation to utilise scarce resources in a way that fulfils the mission of the organisation and takes advantage of opportunities to improve outcomes and overcome obstacles.