360 PMF is a suite of software applications used to improve performance across organisations in the areas of Planning, Indicators, Risks, Appraisals and Projects.

Performance Management Framework

360 PMF can help you manage performance improvement

360 PMF is made up of applications that support planning & tracking of performance across the organisation structure, multiple agency working and locality specific planning. 360 PMF applications can be implemented standalone or as an integrated suite and they include:

360 Systems knowledgeable performance consultants and application developers make 360 PMF ideal for organisations looking to improve their performance management arrangements. Our team is based With support from local UK support without having to break the bank.

360 PMF Performance Management Framework Modules

Performance Experts

The software is designed by UK Performance Experts for use in the Public Sector to meet the demands of organisations wanting to improve Performance across the board.
Customers using 360 PMF are in

  • Local Government
  • Emergency Services¬†
  • Social Housing
  • Schools
  • Agencies


Organisations can assess 360 PMF in a mini trial project. The trial enables Chief Executive and Performance Teams to understand how the platform would solve the 1 or 2 most pressing issues and support the performance culture.

Over a 2 week period we

  • Set up and host an instance of the system for you
  • Plan the inputs and outputs for the trial
  • Tackle your specific issues that need to be addressed¬†
  • Load sample plan, project, indicator and risk data
  • Configure key reports and dashboard
  • Provide trial support to your project team
  • Present the results back to the decision making body