360 Agency Gateway is a web based vendor management system used by hirers and recruiters to manage contingency, freelance and agency worker contracts.

Agency Gateway Workers

360 Agency Gateway enables fast access to expert agency workers 

Organisations are increasingly turning to the pool of expert resource available to them in the form of agency workers. Freelancers and contractors are recognised for the valuable contribution that they make alongside employees and the additional experience that they bring to an organisation.

360 Agency Gateway is designed to manage the competing employment, budget and contractual pressures alongside the search for the right workers, manage the selection and keep track once they start work.

360 Agency Gateway System screenshots

Key Features

  • Framework Agreements
  • Dynamic Purchasing System
  • Supplier catalogue
  • Tiered suppliers eg. Talent pool; Agencies; Specialists
  • Hiring requests routed to preferred suppliers
  • Pre-agreed rates applied
  • Submitted CVs
  • Supporting documents
  • Confirmed rates
  • Special conditions
  • Approval process
  • On line time sheets
  • Agency Worker Regulation compliance
  • Alerts for pay, pay parity or pay between assignments
  • Manager approval
  • Self-bill invoicing
  • Accessible via mobile web browser

Procurement, HR and Hiring Managers gain control on spend and economies of scale plus current expertise in their sector

Greater reliance on agency workers for key activities, means that there is an interest in keeping their expertise and providing combined management from the Hiring Manager, HR and Procurement. Organisations with significant Agency Worker needs or engaging in combined purchasing arrangements using 360 Agency Gateway have achieved the following benefits:

  • Timely contract management
  • Accurate budget forecasting
  • Rates applied correctly
  • Reduce rogue spend
  • Signed off time sheets
  • Agency Worker Regulation compliance
  • Automated self-bill invoice based on signed off timesheets

Recruitment companies have access to proven UK web recruitment systems to manage master vend services on large contracts

360 Systems has many years experience building web systems for the recruitment industry. 360 Agency Gateway will help you:

  • Create multiple contracts
  • Manage contracted suppliers
  • Respond quickly to hiring requests
  • Monitor service levels
  • Integrate with payroll and billing systems
  • Create invoice feeder files