360 Appraisals capture the personal objectives of employees to support their progression and productivity of the workforce.

Performance Appriasal

Realise the aspirations of the individual and ultimately that of the organisation

360 Appraisals provides easy to use assessment tools of an employee's performance to help align the personal objectives of the individual with the bigger picture of where the organisation needs to get to. 

Other traits are considered such as strengths, weaknesses, training needs, career coaching and self-assessment.

Key features

  • Easy to use review and evaluation of performance
  • Enables simplification of the review process 
  • Flexible to your appraisal structure
  • Set deadline reminders
  • On-going quick one to ones
  • Milestone annual reviews
  • Cascade organisation goals and objectives
  • Set personal aims
  • Monitor career development
  • Identify skill shortages
  • Secure detail of review to appraiser and appraisee
  • Self assessment on performance
  • Report workforce key performance metrics
  • Integrates with 360 PMF as a Performance Management Framework application

Engage in continuous improvement to make a more productive workforce

360 Appraisals provide an opportunity to simplify the hated 'once a year' review process into an ongoing but smaller activity that is part of managing the day to day business of the organisation. By cascading corporate objectives, activities and timelines from 360 PMF the individual and the organisation benefits from improvements in management, performance and productivity.