A Content Managed System (CMS) written in Microsoft ASP.NET for building websites and intranets which can be easily updated with content by end users.

Umbraco is a fully-featured open source content management system with the flexibility to run anything from small campaign or brochure sites right through to complex applications for FTSE250s and some of the largest media sites in the world.

Umbraco is used for

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Umbraco services

At 360 Systems, we use Umbraco to implement your content managed website and put the foundations in place for you to create your own content. We build all of the templates and page types that you require to allow you to quickly and easily add content to your website.

Umbraco features

Umbraco is easy for end users to add content and is a great platform for developers writing websites and Umbraco itself is an Open Source platform written in .NET.

Content scheduling

With Umbraco's built-in scheduling functionality, you can create content at any time and schedule it to be published in the future. Similarly, you needn't worry about remembering to unpublish time relevant content, as you can schedule it to automatically unpublish at the appropriate time.


Made a mistake? Accidentally deleted all of the content that you'd worked so hard on? No problem, Umbraco's rollback feature allows you to restore your content to a previous version.


Changes made to content within your Umbraco website are all audited and recorded, so you are always aware of who is doing what on your website.


Umbraco was created with customisation in mind, so as your requirements change, so can the way your website meets them.


Add workflow to your content publishing process for complete control over what content appears on your website.

Manage user access

You have complete control over who accesses the back-end of your website and how. You can use Umbraco's built in set of roles, or configure your own, and apply these to any users you grant access to your website. This gives you the opportunity to control who can perform specific actions on your content.