360 Forms converts paper forms into efficient web forms that can be initiated, authorised, processed, tracked and completed using a web browser.

Mobile form on the go

Save time and money by putting business forms online

Paper forms constrain an organisation's ability to cut costs & make efficiencies. Home and field based employees have to rely on post or email Word & Excel files around. These are easily lost or missed and there is no way of knowing whether the form is being progressed or at what stage it is at. The accuracy of the information held on Spreadsheet Forms is prone to error. And at the end of the process you are left with a paper mountain that is not readily accessible.

360 Forms Screenshots

Embed forms into SharePoint, Portal, Website or App

360 Forms can be embedded within web pages or initiated from a link that calls the form template to generate a new form. When the form is submitted it goes into the 360 Forms workflow engine to complete the steps in the process. Workflow calls are initiated via emails or SMS with links to the specific form or by going into the 360 Forms Inbox.

Key Features

  • Form Templates
  • Workflow rules engine
  • Email notifications
  • Forms inbox
  • View progress of all forms
  • Search across the platform
  • Audit trail for each form
  • Electronic approval
  • Form reports
  • Dashboards
  • Back office integration
  • Single Sign-on with your Active Directory
  • Internal and External users

Integrate with your Salesforce, Dynamics, SAP, Sharepoint

360 Forms can be integrated with your own back-end systems including CRM, ERP and Collaboration Portals. This helps to streamline business processes and enable exchange of data and processes between systems and form workflows.

Demo or Trial

If you would like a demonstration of 360 Forms or trial the solution, drop us a line and we will be happy to show you who it can help you and your situation.