Should you go Big Bang or Softly, Softly? When IT Strategy says "Microsoft Cloud", but the business has developed their own Notes databases, our customer benefits from a graduated approach.

Scientists analysing results from advanced medical and industrial systems.

Customer Profile: Leading Edge Technology Manufacturer

The European trading arm of a global technology company. Our customer supplies a wide variety of technology and services for use in Research, Medical, Exploration and Industrial settings.

Quick Facts

  • Location: European arm of global tech manufacturer
  • Focus: Tech Support for existing technology and migrate to technology stack defined by Global IT Strategy
  • Technologies: Lotus Notes Domino, Microsoft Azure, .NET, Office 365, SharePoint
  • 360 Products: Forms, Protective Marking, Technical Support, Application Development
  • Departments: Corporate, Sales, Human Resources
  • Integration: SalesForce, SAP, Okta

Global Strategy, European Implementation

The aim of the Global IT Strategy was to modernise business systems using Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Cloud based Apps. The move from IBM Notes Domino Mail and Applications as the Global Collaboration Platform to the Microsoft stack had been sign posted for some time.

"There had been discussions and planning sessions about replacing Lotus Notes for well over three years, so when the decision came to move to Outlook and Office 365, we were looking forward to it. The bit that was going to be tricky for me as IT Manager was applications. The business in Europe had created a number of Notes systems using in-house and contract developers, but they had moved on and we needed technical expertise."

Experts In Notes, Office 365 And Azure

Following an earlier project, the IT Manager got it touch with 360 Systems to provide him and the team with expert technical support. A health check was completed on the existing Infrastructure and Applications and a series of plans drawn up for maintenance, migration, proof of concepts and development projects on the legacy Lotus Notes and new Microsoft Office 365 and Azure platforms.

"One of the benefits of engaging with 360 Systems is their knowledge of Lotus Notes and Microsoft platforms. They were able to look at what we had, where we wanted to go and come up with practical solutions. It allowed us to move forward in the knowledge that legacy systems were supported, key systems could be migrated and new requirements were being addressed by solutions in the Azure Cloud."

Infrastructure And Web Development

An important factor in the success of the transition to Office 365 and Azure has been the strong relationship between the Business, IT Department and 360 Systems' team.

"As a European Business Unit, we had built our Notes Applications over many years. We were happy enough with them, but no longer had access to the developers. When 360 Systems came along it meant that we had support for our Notes applications plus the capability of deploying Web Apps in Office 365 and bespoke development in Azure."

Technical Partnership

As well as supporting and migrating Infrastructure and Applications, 360 Systems works closely with business people in Corporate Services, Sales Administration, Servicing, HR and IT.

"Having access to their technical expertise and can do approach to projects is terrific. They really do think deeply about the systems they write and are a safe pair of hands."

Migration to Office 365 & Azure

  1. Reviewed Notes Apps & Infrastructure
  2. Created Application Roadmap
  3. Consolidated Notes Domains, Servers and Applications
  4. Implemented Protective Marking for Outlook and Office documents
  5. Set up SharePoint Architecture and Libraries
  6. Migrated Notes Applications to SalesForce, SharePoint and Azure

Web and Mobile App Development

  • Tested Global AD, Okta and Azure SSO
  • Forms Management System
  • 50+ Web Forms for Corporate, Sales, HR
  • SAP Master Data Integration
  • Event Management Calendaring
  • Rules, Policies and Procedures Authoring and Library