During COVID-19, we are providing a full support service to customers with Microsoft Office, Azure, .NET and Lotus Notes Domino applications.

Business Continuity Planning Software Development Support From Home

Status: Support Team Available

360 Systems' team is providing application development, infrastructure and project support to customers from our homes in Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales. Customers experience the same level of services when we are in the Ellesmere Port office.  


During COVID-19 we will provide support for applications and infrastructure to the level experienced by customers when we are all in the office. We benefit from working and collaborating on problem-solving together in the office. At this time we are using online tools (and the phone) to work together to provide support to customers. 

Business Continuity

Technical support staff have tested remote working and confirmed they can access the systems they need to support as if they were working in the office. They also have access to the full range of Office 365 tools for email, team collaboration and video conferencing.

Support Azure, .NET, Office & Notes Domino

There is no change for our customers in getting application development services and support for Lotus Notes Domino or Microsoft Azure .Net systems. Calls to our office number are automatically routed to available staff and emails to support, enquiries and careers are captured and responded to in a timely manner.


360 Systems use Microsoft Teams for online meetings. This has been extended to the daily SCRUM stand-up session, projects reviews and customer meetings. Where Microsoft Teams is not available we also use Zoom or your preferred video conferencing environment.

Remote Working

Most weeks there are members of the team working from home for one reason or another and so this is a familiar way of working. Arrangements for home working have been put in place for staff living with vulnerable family members.

Escalation Of Issues

Escalation of issues to David Jolliffe or Richard Evans.

David Jolliffe
Managing Director
360 Systems Limited