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Prevent the sending of emails to listed domains or email address

Government Digital Service (GDS) has stopped issuing any new gsi-family domains and if you’re an organisation that uses a gsi-family domain name (,, or you must stop using it by March 2019. The Cabinet Office has said that government organisations should replace any remaining .gsi email domains with newer alternatives such as,, or A guidance statement has been issued, which notes that government email should be moved to a public cloud, although it will be allowed to use hosted or on-premise email services in the short term. Any commercial or non-government organisations using a gsi-family domain name are urged to replace it with a non-government domain. The government said: “These domains no longer deliver value for money and our security needs can be delivered in better ways. The gsi-family of email domains (we also use, or and the underlying private government network, called the Government Secure Internet, began in 1996. It was introduced so that government agencies could communicate in a secure and reliable way. Click here for more details.

360 Protective Marking for Outlook allows the configuration of block addresses at the classification level, to prompt a user if they attempt to send an email to a configured 'block' address. The user will be required to remove the email address(s) before the email can be sent. This function will be used by our client to remind their users to no longer send email to gsi. email address.

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