Microsoft Outlook and Office electronic document classification tools that both meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

Client feedback is important to us at 360 Systems and we continuously looking to evolve our solutions to changing needs and requirements.

Below is a list of the recent features we have made available as part of our standard offering for new and existing clients.

Only allow the sending of certain classifications to listed domains or email address

Our client wanted to use a high classification for marking Office documents and sending these via email but only to a configured list of partners.  360 Protective Marking now allows classifications to be restricted to only send emails to certain configured domains or email address. 

Enforce correct classification of emails containing attachments

360 Protective Marking will ensure that an email is classified to the highest classified level of attachment contained within it. For example, an attachment classified as ‘Official Sensitive’ being sent in an email would mean the minimal email classification must also be ‘Official Sensitive’.

Visible classifications

We have added the ability to include the selected classification at the top of your email content and, if required, within a specified area of the email e.g. above or below your signature.  Excel users can also be show a classification placeholder which they can move around without effecting the data within the spreadsheet.

Other updates

Other updates include a single build for Office 2010+ and upgraded performance and UI.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about 360 Protective Marking email & document classification tools or request a free trial.