360 Systems is delighted to confirm the 360 Classification application is available on G-Cloud 11 procurement framework

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Government security classifications

360 Classification enforces positive classification of documents and emails at the point of save, print and send. It is available for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook and IBM Notes email. It has been implemented in a number of police forces and local authorities.

“Everyone who works with government has a duty to respect the confidentiality and integrity of any HMG information and data that they access, and this is personally accountable for safeguarding assets in line with this policy.”

-Government Security Classifications May 2018

360 Classification means documents are classified at the point of creation helping to improve user’s awareness and ensure the consistent adoption of the classification scheme.

With this service public sector organisations can now effortlessly meet the UK government security classification requirements.

About G-Cloud 11

G-Cloud 11 is a procurement framework where the public sector can choose and buy cloud software. The basic terms have already been agreed between the government and suppliers therefore making it easier for the buyers to purchase.
Buyers have access to nearly 32,000 services provided by over 4,000 suppliers.

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