Heineken PubCo Star Pubs & Bars migrated their lessee recruitment systems to IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud with the help of 360 Systems.


Since 1999 Star Pubs and Bars had built up a number of core systems on Lotus Notes that were used in recruiting new lessees (pub tenant / landlords) into their leased pub estate. The Lotus Notes client and Lotus Domino Web systems included

  • PUBLIC CRM databases for tracking applicants and available pubs
  • Pub Vacancies Website
  • Lotus workflow for the change of lesses process
  • House database for integration to SAP and the data warehouse

The decision had been made to move corporate email platforms from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange. This meant that a change of platform was going to be necessary. But with a reasonably significant part of the business running Lotus Notes systems a robust recruitment solution was required.

Lotus Notes dbs to IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud

Following a review of the options available, the IBM Kenexa BrassRing was selected as the best fit for the business. There were a number of customisations that IBM Kenexa needed to complete.

Mapping and processing data from the decommissioned Lotus Notes systems for the migration required additional SAP data to merged in prior to load in Kenexa.

360 Systems services to the Lotus Notes migration project

  • Mapping data from Lotus Notes dbs and SAP into IBM Kenexa
  • Develop migration and integration routines
  • Support testing of end to end migration process
  • Provide Lotus Notes knowledge and expertise

The completed project has enabled Star Pubs and Bars to achieve their objectives of rolling out IBM Kenexa BrassRing and decommission their legacy IBM Notes platform.

About IBM Kenexa Brassring

IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud is a global leader in applicant tracking systems and is used by many large and successful organisations around the world to attract, engage and hire top talent. This IBM global recruiting solution offers robust flexibility and extensive language support, while providing an exceptional user interface that can help enhance your reputation as an Employer of Choice 

About Star Pubs and Bars

Star Pubs & Bars is Heineken's leased pub business which is made up of an estate of around 1,100 pubs throughout the UK.