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360 Web Content Management System

Powerful web site control for business users

360 Web CMS provides the tools you need to create, manage and publish content to your web site. This solution is perfect for all sizes of business while the simple to use yet powerful interface enables rich content publishing – from the Financial Director publishing the Annual Results to the sales team publishing a news story or new service offering.

What can 360 Website CMS do for you:

Below are only the headline features. To understand the product's full features & benefits why not call us.
  • Easy to use
  • Fast to implement
  • Reduce the cost of content
  • Scalable solution that grows with your needs
  • Search Engines Optimisation (SEO)
  • Powerful designs
  • Accelerate your speed to market
  • Flexible solution to fit your exact requirements
  • Google Analytics
  • Hosted in the Cloud or your servers

At the centre of a 360 Web CMS lies a foundation of capabilities that empower the business user to create, manage and publish content to the web site or other online destination without involving technical experts. It enables organisations to fully leverage the potential for your web site to engage with your audience, through transforming the complex task of building and maintaining your web sites into an easy business user task – business as usual.
360 Web Content Management System

For Content Editors

  • Rich text content authoring with templates
  • Multiple levels of content with automated navigation creation
  • Targeted page banners, news & client testimonials
  • News & News Archive including RSS
  • Publishing with permission controls
  • Image gallery for quick image reuse
  • Online Forms
  • Search Engines Optimisation & Friendly URL’s

For Designers

Creative website design without limitation. 360 Systems provide design services but if you have a preferred design team we don’t stipulate any boundaries or restrictions when using 360 Web CMS.

For IT

By leveraging a flexible and agile system to optimise the process of publishing content, IT are free to focus on what they do best.
360 Web CMS is available in the Cloud or can be implemeted on your servers.

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